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21:00 Uhr bis 23:00 Uhr
Langer Garten 1
31137 Hildesheim
Telefon: 05121 7509450
Fax: 05121 517720
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Magua’s music is a mix of breakbeat, punk, electronic, hardcore punk, grunge, folk and funk among other styles. Harmonica, voice, drum machine and bass guitar combine to create a contrast of raw, loud sound with soft, melancholic tones.

Starting as a three-piece band in 2007 Magua focused on creating new material and touring in Ukraine. In 2016 they released their debut album “AGATA”. Since then, Magua’s style and sound have been constantly evolving and in 2018 it became a solo project. In 2018 Magua released the single “Ран Лола Ран” with a live music video, and in 2022 he released his EP ‘Bingo’. In summer 2022 he released his most recent video “ХАЛІВАР” as a reaction to russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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